In addition to the district level recognitions it received this month, the Amarillo chapter of the American Advertising Federation (AAF-Amarillo) has now brought home two national honors in AAF-National‘s annual club awards.

Membership Chair Han Owens won second place for her membership development club achievement book. Owens is the Marketing Administrator at the Amarillo Civic Center Complex.

And Communications Chair Kelly Podzemny won second place for his communications club achievement book. Podzemny is the Regional Communications & Marketing Manager for the Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center at Amarillo.

The books are a collection of local clubs’ activity in areas such as operations, communications, diversity and more. Below is a full press release from AAF Tenth District about all 30 awards the local clubs within District 10 won this year.

The American Advertising Federation, a national trade association, announced Wednesday, April 17, 2019, the club awards throughout the fifteen national districts. 

Advertising clubs are divided into five divisions based on membership size:

  • Division I        500+ members
  • Division II       250–499 members
  • Division III      100–249 members
  • Division IV      Up to 99 members
  • Division V       Ad 2 Clubs

Representing AAF Tenth District clubs in the states of Arkansas, Oklahoma, Louisiana, and Texas the following clubs received;

Division I National Club of the Year AAF-Austin

With five out of eight First Place awards including: Programs, Communications, Public Service, Government Relations, and Advertising Education.  AAF-Austin also took second place national honors for Club Operations, Diversity & Multicultural Initiatives, and Membership Development.

In a close second place for this coveted national award is the 2018 Division I AAF National Club of the Year, AAF-Dallas.  With First Place awards for Club Operations, Membership Development, and Diversity & Multicultural Initiatives. Dallas awards included Second Place for Public Service, Advertising Education, Communications, Government Relations, and Programs.

A first place national Division III award is bestowed on AAF-Houston for their work in Advertising Education.  In Division IV second place awards went to AAF-Amarillo for their work in Communications and Membership Development.  AAF-Ft. Worth received third place recognition for Programs.

In Division V, Ad 2-Austin received first place awards for Club Operations, Membership Development and Public Service. Ad 2-Dallas received six awards including first place for Government Relations, second place for Diversity & Multicultural Initiatives, Membership Development, and Public Service, along with third place awards for Club Operations, Communications, and Programs.

Annually the American Advertising Federation recognizes clubs which have participated in the AAF American Advertising Awards and had substantial increases in entries.  The club in each AAF division with the greatest percentage increase year-over-year in total number of entries will have its AAF annual dues 100% waived for the following year, and receive special recognition at the annual conference, ADMERICA in Hollywood, Florida in June 2019.  Division I recipient is AAF-Dallas and Division IV recipient is AAF-Rio Grande Valley.

The five clubs, regardless of AAF division with the greatest percentage increase year-over-year in total number of entries will receive TWO complimentary ADMERICA registrations, and with each four nights at the conference hotel, a $400 air travel compensation for each traveler and special recognition at ADMERICA.  AAF Tenth District clubs receiving three of the five awards are; AAF-Northeast Arkansas, AAF-Shreveport Bossier, and AAF Rio Grande Valley. Collectively, the American Advertising Federation Tenth District clubs will be recognized with thirty awards.